The 2021 Board would like to welcome Jeff Sleeman as our new Vice President and look forward to working with him this Season

Dear Membership,

The Board met on September 13th 2020 to talk about this year, the future of the club, and how we can support the mission of promoting cutting locally as this club has done for decades. The future remains uncertain, yet the current board is committed to promoting cutting and providing opportunities to enjoy competition and better our skills locally, and as affordably as possible.

We know, that at some point, the pandemic will end and the board is working to preserve our assets including our cash, our relationship with the venue manager, and our cattle supplier. Other than that, there is little that we can do. We can't plan dates for 2021, or hold a banquet since we had no show season to celebrate. Because of these factors beyond the control of all involved, we are proposing the following:

  1. Honor the 2020 dues payment by carrying it over to 2021 or to the year we are able to resume operations.

  2. Honor the sponsors contributions by continuing the advertising effort for the year, once our events are able to resume.

  3. Stay in contact with our vendors to work toward a smooth resumption of our program of practices and shows.

  4. Postpone the 2021 election until we can safely meet, or find an alternative method of voting. The current board is willing to continue to serve during this time that operations are paused.

  5. Refund dues to those members who do not plan to participate once operations can resume.

As we continue to pause, we can think of the future and hope to get back to cutting as soon as possible. In the meantime, the board is asking for the support of the membership during a time that none of us have ever had to navigate. We all share in the desire to see cutting grow locally, and ride and enjoy our horses. Yet patience is needed as we watch for conditions that allow us to move forward.

If you disagree with this plan, feel free to reach out to a current board member and voice your concerns. If you have concerns, please be prepared to offer alternative solutions. We have all hoped for a very different outcome for this year, and the only thing we know is that we have sufficient funds to start the next year without additional fund raising currently because we don't have the expense of awards or the banquet.

We hope we can all unite and that by January, we will have a better idea of what is available to us in terms of opportunities to gather so that we can focus on the future of riding, loving and competition with our cutting horses.


Your 2020 Board of Directors


Cuttin’ Loose Club wishes to thank our sponsors for their generous support as we begin the 2020 season.
Sponsors are the key to our Club’s success and are very much appreciated by everyone connected with the club.
Please give a big shout-out to:

Five Star Mechanical - Premier Level
Cutting Edge Financial - Platinum Level
Robin and Gordon - Gold Level
Jane and Duane Roundtree - Gold Level
Budget Auto Wrecking - Gold Level
Equina USA, Sara Perkins - Gold Level
Roger Saur - Gold Level
Lisa Stoner - Gold Level
Joe Jones Training - Silver Level
Sojak Insurance Services, Cheryl Sojak - Silver Level
Kiperts Tractor & Trailer Sales - Silver Level
Northwest Fabrication - Bronze Level
Kellie Riehm, Better Properties, Valley Associates - Bronze Level
Bert Lindsey - Bronze Level
Gerry Berryhill - Bronze Level
Stephenie Strong - Bronze Level

Thank you again for your generous sponsorship!!


Cuttin’ Loose Club of Washington was organized in 1984 to promote the sport of cutting and cowhorses. As a non-profit organization CLCOW is dedicated to providing members with an affordable place to show their horses and participate in club sponsored clinics and practices. By offering classes for all levels of riders and horses we have something for everyone and we encourage member participation, good sportsmanship, and mutual respect among both our members and non-members.

Cutters must work together as teams to showcase the talents of these extraordinary animals, as a result many lasting friendships are built within the cutting community.


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